Lipsticks with an intense and rich color, thanks to the high concentration of pigments of the formula and the full and homogeneous release. The lips become bright and defined from the first application. And even more plumped and hydrated thanks to the mix of natural waxes nourishing and protective. The creamy film gives a feeling of softness and absolute comfort. 

Its delicate scent of blackberry will embrace you in an intimate and deep experience of well-being. 


  • 1. Matte Pinky Plum1. Matte Pinky Plum
  • 2. Metallic Burgundy2. Metallic Burgundy
  • 3. Metallic Passion Pink3. Metallic Passion Pink
  • 4. Sophisticated Nude Matte4. Sophisticated Nude Matte
  • 5. Pink Poison Metallic5. Pink Poison Metallic
  • 6. Spicy Red Matte6. Spicy Red Matte
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