Get your lips drawn, flawless and defined for a long time with the “second skin” effect and prevent the mask from putting your beauty at risk! A liquid lipstick with an intense color that gives a velvety sensation on the lips for many hours. The high concentration of pure pigments and lacquers ensures a high coverage and a result without burrs. The combination of innovative ingredients allows quick drying and creates a light texture on the lips. 

Delicate scent of blackberry to live a natural wellness experience. 


  • 1. Matte Dark Pink1. Matte Dark Pink
  • 2. Matte Coral2. Matte Coral
  • 3. Matte Antique Pink3. Matte Antique Pink
  • 4. Matte Dawn4. Matte Dawn
  • 5. Metallic Bronze5. Metallic Bronze
  • 6. Matte Rouge6. Matte Rouge
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