Choose your favorite colors and combinations, and you’ll receive a free Lip Pencil! Our Christmas Box includes:

Lovely Glow highlighter for an enchanting veil of mother of pearl on the skin, Perfect Kisses Liquid Lipstick for long-lasting defined and flawless lips, Lipgloss Shine Bright for an explosion of color and brilliance.


  • 1. Glitter Pink Beige1. Glitter Pink Beige
  • 3. Glitter Pomgranate3. Glitter Pomgranate
  • 6. Glitter White Silver6. Glitter White Silver
  • 2. Matte Coral2. Matte Coral
  • 3. Matte Antique Pink3. Matte Antique Pink
  • 6. Matte Rouge6. Matte Rouge
  • 1. Cold Gold Illumination with Silver Glints1. Cold Gold Illumination with Silver Glints
  • 2. Golden Illumination2. Golden Illumination
  • 3. Peach Illumination3. Peach Illumination
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