Together with the influencer and make up artist Anna Korn we discover how to make a simple but effective eye makeup.
First we prepare the base by applying with a brush the eyeshadow n 04 paying attention not only to the eyelid but continuing to blend the product also towards the eyebrow arch.  Then we use the n 06 eyeshadow, helping us with a small flat brush we put the eyeshadow only on the mobile eyelid to give intensity. To frame and enhance our look we blend a light layer of eyeshadow n 07 also under the eye, just like in the video.
With the eye shadow n 01 we create a light point in the inner part of the eye to illuminate the look. Now all that is missing is a touch of 3 in 1 mascara on the eyelashes (even those under the eye) to enlarge the look and there you have it!