Before applying your make-up base, remember to always cleanse and moisturize your face. Below we will create together a make-up base using Shades Milano products.
Apply medium and dark concealer. Hide imperfections, without exaggerating, on dark circles and other more evident points making your face uniform.
Foundation and concealer uniform the face, to give volume and emphasize those areas that help us to sculpt it apply the dark bronzing powder and the highlighter n03, create contouring and strobing where you need it most (to thin the nose, sculpt the cheekbones, refine the ‘oval, make less along the face and so on). Applying the dark blush instead helps you get a turgid and elastic effect.
Now you just have to complete your make-up base with a light touch of medium face powder on the T-zone. This little treasure gives a matte touch, fixes the make-up and prevents certain points on the face, such as the nose, from standing out. conspicuously compared to everything else.
To complete the base with a natural and glow touch, apply lipgloss n01!