Thanks to good lip pencils you can draw the outline of the mouth larger than the natural one, so as to enlarge the shape.

For the design of the perimeter of the lips usually you start from an outer corner of the upper lip to go up to the highest and central point; but someone instead starts from the highest point of the middle of the arch of Cupid, proceeding first from one side and then from the top to reach the outer corners. This latter way of drawing the upper contour of the mouth with a line starting from the middle of the upper lip can be much easier for many women. After outlining the contour, the pencil is passed over the entire surface of the lips, so as to uniform the color and make the lipstick last longer, applied later.

The arch of Cupid that can be drawn as a letter V or in a more rounded shape with the upper heart shape or in a more arched way with an eye-catching contour lips. Making the outline of the lower lip of the mouth is easier: the side of the lips are straight and the underside curve. If your lips are thin, fade a little towards the outer corners, so as to widen a little the mouth.